Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Model Behaviour

Once upon a time, models were stereotyped,they were the dumbest, most arrogant, narrow-minded people to walk the face of the earth. Now all of that has changed. Well ….. For the better.
Step 1: I’m going to act the part.
I have to be more confident, people aren’t intimidated by fear. They are intimated by strong confidence. Not over confidence.
More charitable, I’m a very giving person but in my opinion I don’t do as much as I would like to. Sure I’ve volunteered my services to animal shelters, Agrofest, etc and adopted homeless/stray animals but I’d like to do more. What about homeless people, infected/sickly people, fighting to find cures for incurable diseases? Mentoring people who believe they have nothing to live for, offering my volunteering services to children shelters.
My plan was to do this when I am rich, but who says I have to be rich and have a shit load of money to make a difference? No one.
So i’m going to make a difference.
Its going to show in the way I walk, in the way I talk…. The way I smile (genuine). Not bombastic but confident.
That is the ninja way… haha, just kidding.
Signing out,

Monday, August 1, 2011

Excited! 01/08/2011

This is my first post and I am a tad bit excited... I'm lying, EXTREMELY excited to be blogging. 

First let me say today was a very eventful day. My 6 month old daughter, Ximena, said "dada" for the first time and sprouted her first two teeth. YAY!

I signed on my MM (ModelMayhem) account today, [] and I  honestly do believe I need to step up my 'A-Game'. My profile does not showcase my talent the way I would like it to. I'm tired of taking "pretty pictures", I want to make magic with photos, capture "eye-catching" photographs. Its what I want to do, its what I LOVE to do and I can't let my self esteem get in the way of my happiness. 

My bestie, Shakkie and I took a stroll to Praise Academy of Dance, where we signed up for Film classes. We're getting one step closer to our dream. To be able to act on the big screen, to raise my Oscar or my Academy Award in the air and say;

"We've got one, Barbados, we've finally got one!"
A girl can dream can't she? Ha ha, anyways, time to sign out. Heading to bed, MUAH!

Inspirational quote: "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others said you could not do."