Thursday, September 15, 2011

Written In the Stars

Step 3: React the part

In the modelling world, you face a lot of rejection. Especially if you're under 5'8, you're considered a petite model. Unfortunately for me, I'm 5'4 so therefore runways, (unless they're local) are a no show. Regardless, that's not what I really want to do. I want to be a print model, high fashion is my first love. That, I can do. Commercial would be my second and Catalog would be the last.

There are very few 'petite' models who have made it and I want to as Tyra Banks would say, "Represent all the shorties!"..haha.

As a wise person/photographer once told me, "The person who criticizes you to your face, is more of a friend than the person who criticizes you behind your back." It takes a lot of 'gut' to tell 'correct' someone, so I prefer to take what they have said into consideration, thank them for pointing it out to me and see how I can apply that to myself as a person as opposed to launching an attack on the person because I took it as a personal vendetta.

Reacting the part is really about accepting that you may not be what everyone is looking for and accepting that. I'm certainly not one to curse someone over the fact that I was not chosen to be their muse/canvas.

Reacting the part is also about giving the client an offer that they cannot refuse.
Making sure that you put your best foot forward and perform the best to your ability at the casting call/audition. If you want be a runway model, ensure that you practice at least for an hour a day, turn on that music and strut your heels off!
Eat, breathe and live modeling. 
Whenever you're walking and there is a clear pathway, you should always take that opportunity to strut. I know I do :p

For Print models, always practice your poses and facial expressions every night. Whenever you see a mirror, practice. Every night before bed, practice. Practice makes perfect. 

Remember, this not only for models but for every day living. Doesn't matter if you're a doctor, a teacher, a diver, a student or even a block of cheese, haha! React the part :)

A fashion designer once told me, "Your time will come."
I believe that time is now...

Signing out,

Inspirational quote for the day, "Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.- John Maxwell"  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Modelling On Her Mind - The Publication

Modelling On Her Mind

Ronelle King is a serious and determined teen in a tiny package. The soft-spoken 18-year-old is also an aspiring model, singer and actress with ambitions of becoming a superstar as well as a supermum to her young daughter.

Ronelle already has a few years of practice under her belt, walking local runways, working with international photographer Dave Cox, and participating in The Lodge School Pageant where she has placed in the top three.

She has also trained with international model Tennille Stoute.

“I want to become an actress or a singer but right now I have to concentrate on raising my daughter.”

“I have to remain in Barbados until she is bigger but once she is of a certain age, I’ll be back pursing my dream.”

Ronelle is enrolled at Praise Academy where she is studying film and plans to further her studies at Barbados Community College next September.

(Picture by Risée Chaderton)

I Came To Win

My first publication was in the Saturday Sun Nation Newspaper yesterday. It featured a write up and a gorgeous photo taken by the talented Risée Chaderton. (seen above- Modelling On Her Mind)
I am so proud of myself, being published is just the beginning. I’m not gonna give up, this is my dream. :)

Wish Upon A Falling Star

Modeling is a passion I’ve enjoyed for the past three years and its something I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon.
From my experience and observation, to be something you first have to look the part, act the part and react the part in order to be the part.

So Step 2). I am going to look the part.
I’ve been thinking about how to change up my style. The first thing I have done is dye my hair a nice Auburn colour [Thanks to Raven Gill, the most awesome stylist I have ever had!]. I think it suits me pretty well. I have not gotten the chance to show it off; which is great! I’ll flaunt it at the Loud concert.
In terms of dressing the part, I am my own fashion but I take inspiration from other fashion icons and etc. This autumn my style will be inspired by Cosette M. Wish me luck!

Time to sign out by the way, but before I go… My inspiration quote:
“Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”