Thursday, December 15, 2011

Purple Hearts On A Cloud

My boyfriend recently returned from overseas and to be honest.. I couldn't be happier because I really missed him. His mum also returned from NYC a while ago, also bringing with her some ADORABLE outfits for Ximena. Thank You! <3 :).
 Ximena absolutely loves them and I'm pretty sure she can't wait to wear them all. The little dolly adores dressing up and I like dressing her as well. She can't help but to run her fingers through her hair as soon as I've finished styling it. Its as though she's feeling it and making a mental note of the style in her tiny mind and to confirm my theory... she smiles, turns around, gives me a big hug and slides off the bed so that she could show off her new hair style to her Grandmother and Aunty. Its those moments that make me feel warm inside... I can't imagine life without her. On this particular day, she was watching her daily half hour (only!) of Dora the Explorer. I try to limit her use of the television, I don't want to encourage her in being a couch potato so I incorporated a routine which involves a healthy amount of stimulation. I take her for a walk as well as take her for a push in her stroller on the boardwalk. Ximena doesn't find this to mundane as she is fascinated with nature. She could sit  for an hour just watching the trees and flowers, feeling the wind against her face and not to mention, watching the ocean. She gets so excited when she sees them, sometimes she can't contain her excitement. Her eyes light up, she claps while stamping and squeals! :) Its so wonderful to watch. Anyways, so on this day, we went for a drive which Xixi thoroughly enjoyed.

 She pointed to people and cars on the other side of the window, occasionally waved back at those who tried to engage her in baby talk and as all mobile babies get... she got restless from being stuck in traffic so she began to cry. I tried to explain to her that its against the law to take a baby out of its carseat as it is a precautionary device but she just rolled her eyes and blew a raspberry at me. -_____- Knowing that she wouldn't understand and using my maternal instinct; I retrieved the container of finger food that I usually pack for Ximena as a way to prevent her from getting hungry before her second meal of the day. Often Ximena makes herself hungry by running around constantly thus working up an appetite, in the event of that happening, 1 give her 10 pieces and some juice. However, she fell asleep while we were on our way to Lantern's Mall. I took out the stroller as Ximena no longer weighs as much as a feather, (and that's the nice way to put it :P). She wasn't too thrilled to be in it but she didn't make a fuss either. As we pushed her around the mall, she marveled at the strange faces staring back at her but I believe what excited her the most was the ride we took on the transparent elevator. Its not the first time she's been on it but it still grabs her attention.

We immediately strolled (no pun intended!) to KrackerJack Kidz, where we were flooded with hundreds of gift ideas to purchase for Ximena's First Christmas. On the topic of Xi's First Christmas, her godmother bought a bib that is delightfully GORGEOUS! Thank you! <3 :) I'm positive that Ximena will be ecstatic when she receives it, Kiira. We're sending lots of love your way, XOXOXOXO!!!!!

 Afterwards, we got something to eat before returning to the elevator to make our way downstairs. In the corner, I spotted a new 'joy-ride' that I thought Ximena would be interested in. At first, she kept clinging on to me and refused to let go, so I had to distract her with the steering wheel. When she focused her attention on 'driving' the plane, I reached over and placed a dollar into the slot. You should have seen her face when the plane began to move, priceless! I switched with my sister to record her first time riding it but its only when I got home that I realised that my phone was on idle all of that time so I had zip, nada, zero... NOTHING. :( Luckily, we returned two days later on Roshana's last day of school (as you can see she's wearing a school uniform in the video), where I was able to record it for keepsake. However, before we  took Ximena 'joy-riding' again, we went for walk on the boardwalk where I watched a man catch 'Sprats' and if that wasn't bad enough, my mom stood there long enough for me to watch them all flop to death. -___- I am now mentally scarred because of it, those poor little fishies. Sigh!

Fast forwarding a bit, Ximena is saying a few words and phrases, besides her normal rant of "baba", "nana, "gam-gam", "dada" and "mama"; she has added, "Where dada?", "Xixi" and "Yes", along with others to her repertoire. She makes me so proud! I mean, she's not perfect but she's not the worst... she does have her moments like any normal child. My biggest challenge is weaning her and stopping her from throwing tantrums. The more I try to wean her, the more she breastfeeds. Sometimes I believe it pointless because she doesn't drink formula and I've tried practically everything. I have yet to try soy milk or Similac Go & Grow Toddler Formula but I don't have much hope for that knowing Xi. Next on the milestone list, Xi is growing 4 more teeth! One is about to burst but the other three are getting there.... ahhh, I'm so psyched! She's biting everything... well, I mean her fingers, teether, bottles, etc. She's also climbing, which has made me very paranoid because she has a preference whereas her climbing is concerned.... Tables. Yeah, I said it, Tables! Of all the things... tables. Sigh! Anyways, time to wrap this up as I am very exhausted.

(Watching Dora)

(Refusing to let go)

(Putting dollar into slot)

(She realised what I did, darn!)

(Getting accustomed)

(Bleh! It's blurry)


(The beautiful bib her Godmother bought)
(Ximena having the time of her life)

Inspirational Quote: "Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others." - Virginia Woolf 

Signing Out,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby And Killing It

A while ago, I carried Ximena by her dad to spend time with him and his family. I dressed her up in a Disney princess dress that her father bought her, pink slippers and used an old head band from an outfit she outgrew in order to create her 'afro'. It was really a task to take these photos, Ximena refused to keep quiet. She spent most of the time running into the gallery to play with books and pulling at my mother's portable whiteboard.
Here are the photos:

When she got home, she headed straight for grandma's portable board and began pretending to be a teacher, ha ha.

I really marvel at how much she has grown, in 16 days my baby will be 11 months *sniff* :').
This post was really for her god-mother, Kiira. Ximena is waving good-bye and saying hello now, by the way. YAYYY!!!! :)

Inspirational quote: "If your children look up to you, you've made a success of life's biggest job." - Unknown

Signing Out,
Muah! <3

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dancing Along The Dotted Line

Yet again I have been too caught up with my daily life to update my blog, but there's no need to fear for I shall update you.

My daughter, Ximena, turned 10 months approximately sixteen days ago and covered a lot of milestones in her 9th month. Just a fews days after she turned 9 months, Xixi began to walk. Yes I said it, WALK! I'm so proud of her... Little did I know the little bundle of energy was going to keep me on my feet all of the time. Nevertheless, I am grateful that she was given the gift of mobility, there are many adults, children and animals who are immobile for whatever reason and would give anything to be able to take two baby steps.

Sometime ago after my Film class was finished, I stopped by "over-priced" Jordan's Supermarket to purchase a sippy cup and some finger food for Ximena. I swear, it broke my heart to buy those few items because I knew I could get them at a more reasonable price but it was late and I had to get home as soon as possible.

When I arrived home, I washed and sterilized her sippy cup before pouring Gerber - White Grape Juice into it, then I showed her how to use it several times before she got the 'hang' of it. She was so 'fussy'! She could hardly contain her excitement; running up and down the house like a horse that was in the middle of a race at the Garrison Savannah.

She took her 'new' cup and showed it off to everyone who stopped to pay her attention. Which reminds me, I also had purchased Gerber Graduates Puffs - Strawberry Apple (for crawlers), I found that these were too small to be used as a finger food.

This can easily be stuck in the child's throat if swallowed too fast despite the fact they dissolve in the child's mouth. My mom told me to break them up into small pieces (not like powder or grounded chalk) when feeding her thus to make them dissolve faster, I found that I was comfortable with this method. I fed her them and she absolutely loves them! I give her ten pieces every day at 12:30 along with some juice/water.

Oh, oh, oh! Guess what I found? Ximena's infant tag 'bracelet' the nurse put on after I had given birth to her. Its so tiny... :) It really makes me think back to how petite Ximena was.... and to encourage my nostalgia, I reminisced by watching Newborn home videos I made with my blackberry along with browsing through her Newborn photographs I also took with my phone. Sometimes I can't believe I helped create such a beautiful person inside and out, even though Ximena is still a baby has such a vibrant and pleasant personality. She's always laughing, ready to explore and just an overall joy to be around. She's even happier when her stomach is full, her pamper is clean and she has had a bath. :P

 On the topic of growing, Ximena, has out grown yet another pair of shoes. So therefore, when I get paid and I have purchased any pending items on my shopping list.. I shall purchase two or three new shoes for her. She has also outgrown many of her 6-9 month clothing and is currently wearing 9-12 month clothing. My mom bought her a House of Dereon Jeans, which is a tad big, it has no age range on it but I assume its for toddlers 12- 15 months. Despite pants can literally be taken off without being unbutton (that is how big it is), my mom insists that she wears it. She has already worn it three times, I swear my mom is spoiling her rotten.

I've added a couple photos of Ximena wearing the pants along with a spaghetti strap shirt and a pair of slippers for her godmother, Kiira, because if I don't she'll probably murder me in my sleep -ha ha-. I plait her hair in singles, not too tiny and not too big, pretty much average so I could be more versatile whereas styling her hair on a daily basis was concerned. I tried to give Ximena a different hair style that would last longer than the ones I normally give her and it worked! It lasted a WHOLE week -______-, ha ha. Not only did she sleep it out, that little pile of hard-work wrapped up in cuteness undid some of her hair herself by constantly taking her fingers and pulling at her hair. When she was finished, she had a a set of fuzzy, half done curls on her delicate head and a smile on her face. In these photos, my mom was going to visit my grandmother and she wanted to take Ximena along. I opted to stay home and rest, unfortunately I had chores to do and spent the entire day cleaning, washing, cooking and studying.

I'd like to say I'm very proud of my daughter and she makes me very happy. I wouldn't change her for the world and I have no regrets. If i were given the option to do my life over... I wouldnt change my decision to be a mother.

 Being a mother is one of the most important and prestigious roles I have ever played in my life. When I look back at my life a few decades from now, I want to be proud of who I've become and the person I have raised along the way.

(back of Ximena's outfit)

(Ximena's sippy cup)

(Gerber Graduates Fruit Puffs)

Inspirational quote: "If we do not plant knowledge when young it will give us no shade when we are old - Lord Chesterfield"

Signing out,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today, I woke up pretty late after spending the entire night doing research for my Film class project. We're shooting an infomercial, week after next and I have yet to find a location. Ximena proceeded to jump on my back several times and pound her toy car onto my poor head in order to wake me up so that I could make her cereal.

Sigh! I gave her Strawberry and Banana puree (her dad brought it for her) and poured 4 ounces of apple juice (Gerber) for her to drink. She normally sips it until all is gone which can take a whole day because she alternates between the 4 ounces of water I also pour out for her to drink, but today she almost chugged the whole thing down! I mean, I cant blame her....outside is soooo HOT! Just thinking about going outside would make anyone sweat, ha ha.

When she fell asleep I took the time to surf the net and do research for this article I'm writing for an online magazine.I got the first part written and the little monster woke up, aww man! I still love her though ;). I made myself a nice, large cup of Red Rose Tea, fixed myself a plate of lunch that my mom cooked and watched Dora the Explorer with my daughter. Afterwards, we 'paraded' up and down the bedroom, marching up and down practicing our walk and screaming at the top of our lungs before falling down on the bed in a fit of giggles. Good times :) Then "nana" (my mum) came for her and she ditched me to go spend time with grandma, bleh! -mutters- Traitor. Just kidding :p

I prepared for the gym during this time, searched high and low for my pair of sneakers and socks. I wore a simple exercise shorts and an oversized t-shirt, pulled my hair into a ponytail then placed in into an untidy bun. Presto! That was the end of that. I realised that my mom hadn't brought Ximena back yet so I took the opportunity to sterilize her bottles and storage containers as well as boil barley water. I strained the barley water and pour it into her hot water flask, then I washed out both the pot and the pan so that I could chop vegetables to boil for Ximena. Which reminds me, I have yet to mash them.... Be right back.

I'm back, I placed the mashed food into storage containers and placed them in the freezer so they would not spoil. Where was I? Oh right, I thought I had gym for 2:30 turns out I was half an hour early but it was okay. Why you may ask? Because the gym is next door, ha ha! No, seriously.... Its next door.
So I spent as much time with my daughter before I left, I let her walk around the bedroom without holding on to anything and she felt so 'fussy'. She even clapped for herself! I'm so proud of her.

At 3:00 we walked next door to be greeted by the gym instructor. We got started on the exercise bike, then did squats with a blue ball he had given us. Between each exercise, we had to mount the bike. Our sessions are half an hour long, as our instructor says its not about how much time you dedicate to doing it, its how much work you do in the time frame that you have. You can exercise for three hours and get the same results as if you had been exercising for half an hour. Discipline is the key factor in exercising; without discipline you can end up making little to no progress. I try to as healthy as I used to growing up but with so much going on in my life right now, I find that such a hard task to accomplish. In that time frame we had, we used dumb bells, did bench presses with our legs, lifted weights, etc. I tried to give it my all, I really did. No slowing down, no stopping....  I kept pushing myself because this is what I want. I want to be healthy, to be a great example for my daughter (she may not understand now but she will later), to be an inspiration to my mother and overall just gain a little weight. I'm tired of being the same old skinny Ronelle I have been for the past 19 years, its time for a change. On the topic of change, I have to get my hair re-dyed auburn tomorrow, I have an important meeting/job interview on friday. Wish me luck!

After class, I showered, dressed and waited for the rain to stop falling so that I could leave home. My feet were aching and I can't remember the last time I've ever felt so worn out. As much as I would have loved to be able to go to sleep in my bed, I knew I had to go into town to buy finger food and puree food for Ximena as well as purchase something for myself.  During this time, I feed my daughter Wheat & Honey Cereal made with the Barley water (she loves it). Sadly, as soon as she was finished, the rain stopped and it was time for mummy to leave. When Ximena realised this, she cried... I felt so guilty. I gave her a big hug and a kiss then told her not to worry, that I would be back as quickly as I was about to leave.

 It was minutes to six o'clock pm when I had left home and outside grew dark. We went to the bus stop to catch a bus, after waiting only a few minutes a bus came and we boarded it with my laptop bag and my suitcase with my mani/pedi tools. I sat next to some drunkard in the bus who kept questioning me as to where I was going and where I had come from. I politely discarded all his queries and hoped to God he did not put his hands on me. When he didn't I sighed a sigh of relief but I was sadly mistaken if I thought it was over. He vomited in the bus.... not once but twice. Thank God none got on me but others weren't so lucky, neither was my suitcase ( just a little got on the wheel). We stopped to help a lady change her clothes and wipe off any vomit on her with wet wipes. Soon after, we were on our way.

As we walked, we came upon a public affair. I wasn't sure what it was, I still do not know actually. All I can tell you was that it was in front of the parliament buildings. We squeezed our way through the thick crowds, putting our manners to use throughout the entire 'maze'. It seemed as though the entire of Barbados came out for this event, the young and the old were there despite the rain. I stopped at a vendor and bought Ximena a Go Diego Go! plush doll. I do hope she likes it.

I met a friend in town who practically saved my life and I am eternally grateful. He offered me a ride to my destination and even gave me a ride to the supermarket. Thank you! I haven't decided which flavour puree I'm going to give her tomorrow. I guess i'll let her decide, ;) I bought her some Gerber Graduates (Crawler) Arrow Root Biscuits, I hope she finds those easy to chew.

I also got a mini manicure and pedicure, and my nails painted in a simple nude colour. I like it :).  Oh! My grandmother called me today and asked me what primary school I was sending Ximena to, well gran-gran... its a bit too early to be thinking about that but I can see your point. Well anyways, its 5:30 and ximena probably going to wake up soon so I shall be off to bed to salvage whatever sleep I can get. Until later... Ciao!

(The arrow root finger food)

(I decided to go with the one on top)

Inspirational Quote: You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back ~ William D. Tammeus

Signing Out

Monday, October 31, 2011

Nail It!

Yet again I've been caught up in my busy life to blog. My daughter took her first 8 steps, yay! She even clapped for herself, ha ha! She's too adorable... :) Her top teeth grew out some more so you can actually see them, -does a joyful dance-, the biggest problem I face is brushing them. -___-' The little bundle of energy would not let me brush her top teeth, the bottom is another thing, she even gets the toothbrush for me! :o

After being so 'busy' during the day, you would think she sleeps at night... well you thought wrong. I practically have to beg her to sleep, and then she would give me her usually mischievous grin before continuing what she was doing. I'd then have to fill up the bath tub and fill it with water for her bubble bath, grab her bath toys and engage her in an active splish splash adventure to exhaust her (ha ha) and read to her a Walt Disney 'Peek-A-Boo' book (which so happens to be her favourite) so that she can turn in for bed. She better love me forever for all this hard work that she makes me do!

Yesterday I gave my mom a pedicure and a manicure, after setting up and practically waiting for nearly half the day.... I finally did them.

My mom is a very selective person, she doesn't like bright colours, well I should say... TOO MANY bright colours. She very neutral, plain jane average.... but it works for her! November is the month of Independence (Barbados) so she wanted to be patriotic, therefore, she requested ours national colours which are blue (specifically ultramarine), gold (some people say yellow, but its really gold) and black. I wanted to impress her as well as put my all into my work. 1). She did pay for me to go to cosmetology classes and she did pay for my CXC ART exam as well as provide all the materials for both. 2). She's my mom, I want to make her proud. I want her to have the best of the best, in whatever service I offer. I didn't want to be a disappointment so I really had to scratch my thinking cap extremely hard.

I used milky base coat from 'Pro Nail' to protect the nail, two layers of White Pearl and drew the Broken Trident with my dotting tool using Gothic Black. I then decorated the free edge, the base of the nail as well at the sides of the nail plate with colour-inconsistent dots using Electric Blue and Yellow Submarine from Slick before finishing with Quick Dry Top Coat from Pro Nail. This design was for both thumbs as well as both of her Halluxes (big toes), however on the rest of her toes I did three polka dots using the same colours on each toe. On her fingers, I used each colour to make one polka dot in a horizontal pattern because as i previously said, she prefers simplicity. Here is the final outcome:


(Fingers - Thumb missing)

Note: You are free to try this design at home, please do not take credit for my work as I worked very hard on executing this. Thank you very much. :)

These are the products I used:

In Memory of Val
I named this after my uncle whom I lost in February of 2007, his nickname was Val (I don't know where he got it from). Jason (Jayson as he spelled it) was an inspiration to me and still is. His birthday is on Independence Day (30th of November), he would have been 25 this year. He was my big brother, my best friend, my confidant and I wished like mad that he was here.

I miss him terribly; he used to make me laugh, tease me and I could tell him anything. He was unique, i'm not saying that because he was my uncle... he truly was. Oh, and he loved a car! Ha ha, he was obsessed. I have fond memories of us playing my Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 & 2, sometimes if I was lucky... he'd let me win :). He always spoke to me about the upcoming Playstation 3 and how he was saving to buy one, unfortunately he never lived long enough to see it. When I bought mine, it was a bittersweet feeling. He was wasn't there to play it with me but at least one of us got one. I remember how he would always 'predict' the outcome of the cartoons or movies we watched, I thought he was a magician, little did I know that he had watched it before me, ha ha. His usual reply to my queries were, "A magician never reveals his secrets."
He was an artist, I remember his clay sculptures, still life drawings and his many DragonBallZ drawings that he stuck onto his door. I used to sit and admire them, take my tracing paper and try to recreate them for hours. When I did Art at CXC level, I hoped that I could be just like him and have his talent. In his last days, we used to walk from my house to Roebuck Street to buy chinese food on a daily basis after work/school respectively so that we could talk. I was always excited to see him and never turned down our daily walk. I'd give anything to be able to see him walk through my door now. I'd run to him like how I used to as a child, jump on his back and wrap my arms around his neck when he has turned around to close the door. He fell for it everytime...:) I've since gotten over the anger my heart held due to the shock of his death and have forgiven the people who had murdered him. I hope he is proud of me and all I have accomplished so far. In memory of the best uncle ever, Jason. O. A. Harding. <3

About The Flag Of Barbados

The national flag of Barbados was officially adopted on 30 November 1966, the island's first Independence Day. It consists of a triband of two bands of ultramarine separated by a golden middle band. A black trident-head (commonly called the "broken trident") is centred within the golden band. The flag was designed by local art teacher Grantley Prescod, and was chosen from around 1000 designs after an island-wide contest.
The two blue bands are said to stand for the ocean, while the gold is for the sand on the island. The trident is taken from the old colonial badge, which showed Britannia holding a trident, the broken lower part symbolizes a symbolic break with its historical and constitutional ties as a former colony. The three points of the trident represent the three principles of democracy - government of, for, and by the people.
The official British Standard colour code numbers for the flag are: Ultramarine — BCC 148 Gold — BS O/002

Here is something to think about....

Inspirational quote : We do not choose to be born. We do not choose our parents. We do not choose our historical epoch, the country of our birth, or the immediate circumstances of our upbringing. We do not, most of us, choose to die; nor do we choose the time, and conditions of our death. But within this realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we live - unknown

Signing Out,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blinded Butterflies

I've been contemplating beauty for a long time now.
What is beauty? True beauty? Is it from within?

My whole life people have been telling me their perception of beauty, my beauty.
I've heard it all, from the size of my bust, my butt, my height, my complexion, and the list can go on.
For that same period, I've been trying to correct these 'flaws' of mine, basically living my life to please other people.
Not being able to leave home without piling on a pound of makeup because of my low self esteem.
Not wanting to go to school because I was afraid that I'd be bullied at school.
Counting the minutes in the bus until i'm able to get off the bus and be rid of the daily sexual harassment.

But no more.

No more, listening to people who know nothing about my life and me as a individual.
No more second guessing myself, doubting that I can achieve my goals.
No more wishing and praying that I was anyone but myself.
Thinking I'm my own worst enemy.

Anne Bronte once said, "It is foolish to wish for beauty. Sensible people never either desire it for themselves or care about it in others. If the mind be well cultivated, and the heart well disposed, no one ever cares for the exterior.

Why sit and waste my days contemplating if I'm beautiful enough for other people. Screw what others think, as most would say, "I was born alone and I will die alone."
What people call beautiful is a matter of opinion not fact. Some people may believe that a certain person is more beautiful than that another person. THAT is opinion. What IS fact? That you and I are beautiful people despite what other people may think.

A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful - Karl Kraus
I can leave home without make up on, my hair pulled in a ponytail, a sweatpants, a t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops and still feel beautiful. Because I am comfortable in my skin, I don't want to be anyone else but me anymore. God made me from his own image.

It's important for all types of women to know that you don't have to fit a prototype of what one person think is beautiful in order to be beautiful or feel beautiful... People think, sexy, big breasts, curvy body, no cellulite. it's not that. Take the girl at the beach with the cellulite legs, wearing her bathing suit the way she like it, walking with a certain air, comfortable with herself. That woman is sexy. Then you see the perfect girl who's really thin, tugging at her bathing suit, wondering how her hair looks. That's not sexy. - Jennifer Lopez, Reader's Digest, Aug 2003.
Beauty is embracing what you see as 'flaws'.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - Margaret Hungerford

The person who views you as not beautiful is a beholder, but you are also a beholder. :)
Forget what they think of you. Believe what you think of yourself and that are beautiful.
Confidence is the greatest cosmetic an individual could wear. People can see it. Its impossible to miss, THAT is what turns heads.

Physical beauty fades, it is temporary. That's not what I want, I want permanent beauty, everlasting beauty. Focusing on the physical is just simply disguising a horrible person. Sure, I'd turn heads when I walk past but that doesn't take away from the fact that I'm selfish, stuck up and ignorant on the inside. This can be compared to an apple; imagine.... a ripe apple, polish red, practically glowing. You want this apple and you get it. You take a bite, only to find out that its bad. Disappointed? Of course you are.

Beauty itself soon fades, and when a woman has beauty and nothing else, well, it's like putting all the goods in the shop window, isn't it? And the moment she loses her good looks - poor creature! What is she? Just a mere bit of faded finery to be thrown aside. - Henry Arthur Jones
I see beauty as having a good heart, to be able to sit with infected people without scorn, to offer your seat in the bus to someone who needs it more, to help the old lady at the bus stop board the bus with all of her groceries, to volunteer your services at a charity, to counsel children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, to be able to smile genuinely, to apologise and mean it.

Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait - Ralph Waldo Emerson
I want to grow old with a face full of wrinkles, and still see myself a beautiful because I know that I achieved my dreams, saw the beauty in others including myself, raised my children to the best of my ability, made peace with those who hurt me and those whom I have hurt and have no regrets.

Some people no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts - Martin Buxbaum
True beauty is all around you, you can find it in a child's eyes. Perhaps in your favourite dress, the way the designer made it, the thought that was put into that piece of clothing, the stitching, the way it flows.... That is beauty. It can be in the meal your mom or dad cooked for you today, it can be what someone said today.

Scarlett Johansson once said in a Seventeen Magazine article (May 2007), "I find beauty in unusual things, like hanging your head out the window or sitting on a fire escape."
When you pay attention you can find the beauty is all the things around you.

"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
I dare you to see it and I also dare you to be beautiful. ;)

Inspirational quote: "Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams." - Ashley Smith

Signing out,

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I haven't been on lately and I've had a bit of writer's block due to my depression.
I find that I let a lot of things get to me, and I think about them (over-analyse) and then I get depressed.

I haven't had a lot to say on twitter so I was not tweeting either but I'd happy to announce that I've been raping twitter for the past week, ha ha. I've also started updating my tumblr, this internet connection is so slow, sigh.

A lot has happened in these past few weeks, I started school at Praise Academy Of Dance to pursue my acting career in film and passed my basic Nail Tech course....yay!

So far at PAD  (lol, you noticed it too, eh?), I've learned about camera angles, shots and basic editing. Its a whole lot harder than it looks, trust me! Because of this I have this new found respect for photographers, I don't know how you do it but I admire you. :)

I also would like to restart vocal training, I had this 'UH-MAY-ZING' vocal trainer by the name of Indra Rudder. She's so talented and so down to earth, I adore her. Early this year she won a Barbados Music Award and I was so proud, her speech was priceless, ha ha. I do hope she can find the time to fit me into her busy schedule.

Ximena, (my daughter) is already 8 months and just a bundle of energy. She's growing up so fast, crawling and trying to walk. These are the best days and I've got a feeling that these are the days that I am going to miss most. <3

In terms of modeling, I've got some upcoming shoots which have been a blast to plan, I can't wait!

My dreams are bursting at the seams, ahhh! Everyday I get a little bit closer, I'm so pysched!

Inspirational quote: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Signing out!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Written In the Stars

Step 3: React the part

In the modelling world, you face a lot of rejection. Especially if you're under 5'8, you're considered a petite model. Unfortunately for me, I'm 5'4 so therefore runways, (unless they're local) are a no show. Regardless, that's not what I really want to do. I want to be a print model, high fashion is my first love. That, I can do. Commercial would be my second and Catalog would be the last.

There are very few 'petite' models who have made it and I want to as Tyra Banks would say, "Represent all the shorties!"..haha.

As a wise person/photographer once told me, "The person who criticizes you to your face, is more of a friend than the person who criticizes you behind your back." It takes a lot of 'gut' to tell 'correct' someone, so I prefer to take what they have said into consideration, thank them for pointing it out to me and see how I can apply that to myself as a person as opposed to launching an attack on the person because I took it as a personal vendetta.

Reacting the part is really about accepting that you may not be what everyone is looking for and accepting that. I'm certainly not one to curse someone over the fact that I was not chosen to be their muse/canvas.

Reacting the part is also about giving the client an offer that they cannot refuse.
Making sure that you put your best foot forward and perform the best to your ability at the casting call/audition. If you want be a runway model, ensure that you practice at least for an hour a day, turn on that music and strut your heels off!
Eat, breathe and live modeling. 
Whenever you're walking and there is a clear pathway, you should always take that opportunity to strut. I know I do :p

For Print models, always practice your poses and facial expressions every night. Whenever you see a mirror, practice. Every night before bed, practice. Practice makes perfect. 

Remember, this not only for models but for every day living. Doesn't matter if you're a doctor, a teacher, a diver, a student or even a block of cheese, haha! React the part :)

A fashion designer once told me, "Your time will come."
I believe that time is now...

Signing out,

Inspirational quote for the day, "Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.- John Maxwell"  

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Modelling On Her Mind - The Publication

Modelling On Her Mind

Ronelle King is a serious and determined teen in a tiny package. The soft-spoken 18-year-old is also an aspiring model, singer and actress with ambitions of becoming a superstar as well as a supermum to her young daughter.

Ronelle already has a few years of practice under her belt, walking local runways, working with international photographer Dave Cox, and participating in The Lodge School Pageant where she has placed in the top three.

She has also trained with international model Tennille Stoute.

“I want to become an actress or a singer but right now I have to concentrate on raising my daughter.”

“I have to remain in Barbados until she is bigger but once she is of a certain age, I’ll be back pursing my dream.”

Ronelle is enrolled at Praise Academy where she is studying film and plans to further her studies at Barbados Community College next September.

(Picture by Risée Chaderton)

I Came To Win

My first publication was in the Saturday Sun Nation Newspaper yesterday. It featured a write up and a gorgeous photo taken by the talented Risée Chaderton. (seen above- Modelling On Her Mind)
I am so proud of myself, being published is just the beginning. I’m not gonna give up, this is my dream. :)

Wish Upon A Falling Star

Modeling is a passion I’ve enjoyed for the past three years and its something I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon.
From my experience and observation, to be something you first have to look the part, act the part and react the part in order to be the part.

So Step 2). I am going to look the part.
I’ve been thinking about how to change up my style. The first thing I have done is dye my hair a nice Auburn colour [Thanks to Raven Gill, the most awesome stylist I have ever had!]. I think it suits me pretty well. I have not gotten the chance to show it off; which is great! I’ll flaunt it at the Loud concert.
In terms of dressing the part, I am my own fashion but I take inspiration from other fashion icons and etc. This autumn my style will be inspired by Cosette M. Wish me luck!

Time to sign out by the way, but before I go… My inspiration quote:
“Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Model Behaviour

Once upon a time, models were stereotyped,they were the dumbest, most arrogant, narrow-minded people to walk the face of the earth. Now all of that has changed. Well ….. For the better.
Step 1: I’m going to act the part.
I have to be more confident, people aren’t intimidated by fear. They are intimated by strong confidence. Not over confidence.
More charitable, I’m a very giving person but in my opinion I don’t do as much as I would like to. Sure I’ve volunteered my services to animal shelters, Agrofest, etc and adopted homeless/stray animals but I’d like to do more. What about homeless people, infected/sickly people, fighting to find cures for incurable diseases? Mentoring people who believe they have nothing to live for, offering my volunteering services to children shelters.
My plan was to do this when I am rich, but who says I have to be rich and have a shit load of money to make a difference? No one.
So i’m going to make a difference.
Its going to show in the way I walk, in the way I talk…. The way I smile (genuine). Not bombastic but confident.
That is the ninja way… haha, just kidding.
Signing out,

Monday, August 1, 2011

Excited! 01/08/2011

This is my first post and I am a tad bit excited... I'm lying, EXTREMELY excited to be blogging. 

First let me say today was a very eventful day. My 6 month old daughter, Ximena, said "dada" for the first time and sprouted her first two teeth. YAY!

I signed on my MM (ModelMayhem) account today, [] and I  honestly do believe I need to step up my 'A-Game'. My profile does not showcase my talent the way I would like it to. I'm tired of taking "pretty pictures", I want to make magic with photos, capture "eye-catching" photographs. Its what I want to do, its what I LOVE to do and I can't let my self esteem get in the way of my happiness. 

My bestie, Shakkie and I took a stroll to Praise Academy of Dance, where we signed up for Film classes. We're getting one step closer to our dream. To be able to act on the big screen, to raise my Oscar or my Academy Award in the air and say;

"We've got one, Barbados, we've finally got one!"
A girl can dream can't she? Ha ha, anyways, time to sign out. Heading to bed, MUAH!

Inspirational quote: "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others said you could not do."